I don’t remember it being this bad…

I’ve gone through draughts before, but for some reason this one is really difficult to deal with. Six long weeks until I could finally breathe again, I was strong, I was good. Not that I had to be. We technically were no longer together. I wanted to save myself for him. I did, it was glorious. I flew out to see him, within 15 minutes of being in his new loft, I was naked and he was entering me. I needed him so badly. 5 days and 7 rounds later, I was flying back home. Leaving the oasis to enter the desert again.

What now? Now I feel in a much worse place then when I started.

I mean, I could end it. Just a simple phone call and I could remedy this feeling. My itch would be scratched. Its so much more than that though. Im restless, I am cross. I am picky. I need to be touched. I need something intimate. Real. I need the things that cant be forced. Until then, I lie here. Trying to remember every sensation. Im not quite sure what or who I am looking for.

I guess I will know when I see it?

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~ by corsetncardigan on July 30, 2012.

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  1. Friends can offer reminders.

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