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Never Pinch a Sadist: 50 Shades of Plaid - If you don't know kink, don't feel pressured into it. If you wonder what it is about, join Fetlife and find local event to teach you about it.

Collars & closure & owning myself - there is triumph in realizing that your paths are diverging, repacking your shit, and moving on with dignity and respect.

The Quarry - We agreed to meet up on the weekend and go out to the quarry. It was an old, flooded quarry. I didn’t know it, but the queers had taken it over.

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The Pussy Pride Project

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"I can't orgasm without a vibrator" So What? - Embrace it. Bring it in to your partnered sex life. Be happy that you can achieve orgasm whatever way that works for you.

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Intoxicated Confession. #1

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I miss him and the very core of me starts to throb. My whole body is in withdrawal, causing mutiny against my mind. Trying to recall the last time I had him. I was blindfolded, he was entering me from behind with a fist full of my hair in his hand. My body needs him, she doesn’t understand the logistics of why he and I are apart. 

 Fuck distance, she…we need sensory overload. We must be taken to soothe this craving. Left panting, sweaty and needing more. Fuck, things would be so much easier if I didn’t have standards. The things I would do if I knew I would have regrets in the morning.

 I need that connection with someone else.  Someone who knows exactly what I want,sexually and otherwise without me saying a word. Although right now is more sexually than anything else. It’s so hard for lightning to strike in the same place twice. It’s funny how liquor reveals the truth, dissolving the filters that are kept up otherwise.



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I don’t remember it being this bad…

I’ve gone through draughts before, but for some reason this one is really difficult to deal with. Six long weeks until I could finally breathe again, I was strong, I was good. Not that I had to be. We technically were no longer together. I wanted to save myself for him. I did, it was glorious. I flew out to see him, within 15 minutes of being in his new loft, I was naked and he was entering me. I needed him so badly. 5 days and 7 rounds later, I was flying back home. Leaving the oasis to enter the desert again.

What now? Now I feel in a much worse place then when I started.

I mean, I could end it. Just a simple phone call and I could remedy this feeling. My itch would be scratched. Its so much more than that though. Im restless, I am cross. I am picky. I need to be touched. I need something intimate. Real. I need the things that cant be forced. Until then, I lie here. Trying to remember every sensation. Im not quite sure what or who I am looking for.

I guess I will know when I see it?


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~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

Roadmaps of ConsentI fucking love consent. I love safewords. I can be much more cruel, and push much harder, if I trust my partner to tell me when I go too far.

Staying SafeOne cock, from one man, missing one condom, ultimately led to my brother’s death. And that sucks.

Flying the Friendly SkiesOne button on her sweater was undone, there was a rip in her hose, scratches on her boots, and her hair was carelessly pinned back with stray wisps of hair escaping. There was a curious flavor of soiling about her, something a bit dirty and unkempt.

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

Labels and my thoughts… - In the past year and a half I have gone from being someone that was lost, without identity that fit, rattling around inside myself to someone that has names for what they are.

~ e[lust] Editress: Dangerous Lilly

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Giggles, Groans and Panting.

•January 18, 2011 • 2 Comments

“Okay, I need to make out with someone, and I don’t care who it is…”

I vividly remember those words leaving my lips. I’m pretty sure that was the green-light. I knew from that point there was no turning back, I didn’t want to. After that, everything is jumbled in my memory. Flashes here and there. My lips on hers while he kissed the back of my neck. Hands, so many of them everywhere. I was wearing clothing but somewhere between the couch and the bed, I was completely nude. It’s been a few weeks now, and I still couldn’t tell you how where my clothes went , or who disrobed whom.

Sometimes I was involved, sometimes I was just watching. I do remember her mentioning that she wanted to watch us. Surprisingly me, the chronic over thinker didn’t feel shy as she watched intensely as he fucked me. Some moments I was aware of her other times I wasn’t. I think he had me first…like I mentioned before I don’t remember most of that night in minutes or the order in which it happened. I remember it in sensation, sound and color. Far less ‘porno’ than I thought it would be.

I remember staring at her face while he fucked her, I was intrigued by her, the way her face contorted, the sounds she made. I never got to see my ex girlfriend in the throws of passion quite like that because she was more dominant/toppy. So watching this woman writhe next to me was sexy and facinatinating. I remember him kissing me after going down on her. I could taste her on his lips. A taste different from mine, but familiar all the same.

It was true sensory overload. Before that moment, I was concerned about who goes where and who, if anyone gets left out. Things just felt natural when we all finally got into it. Honestly, it was probably one of the most relaxing sexual moments I’ve ever had, erotic and minimally awkward. Would I ever have one again? Yes.

In Control

•November 30, 2010 • 2 Comments

Before I start I just want to say, normally I am not this much of a uncaring bitch. He just brought it out in me. Enjoy.

You’re nothing but a toy to me…

Harsh, but true. It makes me laugh how you eat out of my hand. I’m 3 steps ahead at all times, knowing what to say or do to get the responses I want out of you.

Don’t be fooled by my nice girl exterior, I can be quite conniving at times. You know that line about men loving difficult bitches? I guess you’re the poster child for that theory. Since our first meeting I refused to be at your beck and call. Why, you may ask? Because I had to establish who was in charge. That I didn’t need you, that if I was going to have you it would be on my terms. That I wasn’t your sex object, you were mine.

Remember that time you got so pissed with elusive old me that you claimed you were done with me? I simply replied with a passive “Ok.” Only for you to turn around and start pleading with me. You were expecting me to flinch, to give in. Sorry baby, your threat was transparent. Had you actually decided to go, I would have been fine.

You were elated that I showed up on your doorstep. I just dove in. My body wants what it wants, who am I to stop it? I think the only thing bigger than your ego is your cock. Believe me I’m not complaining, but god! You talk so much shit! Driving your cock into me, telling me how you were claiming my pussy? All I could do was grin. It was I who I had already claimed you. I matched you thrust for thrust. Then when I rode you excruciatingly slow,the expression on your face said it all. You were trying so hard to hold back but you were slipping. Still talking…that little undulation I did shut you right up.

In the beginning I didn’t feel right using you as my personal plaything. However, you seem to enjoy it. Discovering this other side to myself was eye opening. Have a good time thinking you’re running the show, because we all know who is really pulling the strings.

My Eyes Are Up Here…

•October 26, 2010 • 2 Comments

I have a love hate relationship with my breasts. If I had a dollar for everytime they got stared at over the last year alone, I could easily quit my job. I never really understood why they get so much attention. Men, women, gays and straights, they are all intregued by my boobs. There are other women out there with larger breasts than mine, but for some reason mine tend to make heads turn. Yes, I sport cleavage a majority of the time but what makes mine so different that anyone elses?

I fluctuate between a D and a DD, so I clearly am not a member of the Bra Optional Crew. Genes are partially to blame along with being on the pill for 5 years. Within the first 6 weeks of being on Ortho Tri Cyclen-Lo I had went from a C to a D. Much to the joy of my boyfriend at the time.

Bras don’t come cheap, I normally end up paying $40 or more to insure I get the support that I need. Shopping sometimes is a hassle because dresses or shirts will fit perfectly until I get to my bust line. I never felt right going without one. Natural breasts have the tendency to move around a lot and I prefer lift to gravity. Im not looking forward to them getting bigger when I get pregnant. I may splurge on a reduction and a lift after I have children because I refuse to have them hanging at my knees later in life.

I may sound like im bitching, but they’re not all bad! I try to have a sense of humor about them. I know sometimes they are the eqivilent of the elephant in the room. My boobs sometimes get me free drinks or comped admission into clubs. The occasional perks are great. However, They can be attention whores when left up to their own devices. I have to keep them in check.

Many times my boobs leave me misunderstood. I’m not walking around in pasties nor am I in sweaters that come up to the chin. Because I am a busty girl, sometimes I am mistaken as easy or a sex object. On the other hand, they intimidate shyer guys. C’mon now, I’m just a regular girl. Girls have breasts, okay? Don’t run away, but don’t dry hump me either.

They become a quite needy during sex and foreplay, requiring lots of attention. I’ve come to learn that if they aren’t satisfied then the rest of me won’t be completely satisfied. Sometimes it’s hard to find someone who knows what to do with them, but when I do, needless to say I am a happy, happy girl.

I love them in the right bra, and hate them when they are wreaking havoc on my back, but they are mine. Even though some may not understand, I am
well aware that I am more then just my boobs. I’ve found a happy medium with them.


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